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Предлагаем Вашему вниманию, полный спектр качественных хостинг услуг, начиная от виртуального хостинга и регистрации доменов, и заканчивая выделенными серверами, программным обеспечением, и SSL сертификатами. Выделенные сервера в: Ваши проекты растут, и им становится "тесно" на виртуальном хостинге?

Server USA-PerfectServer L in location USA(Missouri, St. Louis, 2)

Вам требуется поддержка специфического программного обеспечения, а администратор виртуального хостинга отказывается устанавливать необходимый софт? Выделенные сервера Dedicated servers - решение для.

Question: Is A Virtual Server or Dedicated Server Best for Building a Web Service?

Выделенный сервер является идеальным решением когда виртуальный хостинг уже не подходит, а ресурсов виртуального выделенного сервера VDSне хватает. Все данные передаваемые в сеть теперь надежно защищены.

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Выделенные сервера - Dedicated servers

English Russian. Выделенные серверы в Европе Аренда выделенных серверов в Европе. Регистрация доменов Регистрация доменных имён. Трансфер доменов Перенос доменов к нам на обслуживание.

Контакты Телефоны, электронная почта. Для тех у кого уже есть собственный сервер или если Вы хотите купить сервер, тогда мы готовы помочь Вам и предложить услугу размещения серверов на нашей технической площадке в Российском дата центре.

Вход Регистрация Помощь Контакты Личный кабинет. Подборка серверных конфигураций в США. AMD Athlon X2 AMD Athlon X2 2x 1. Canada SyS and Canada kimsufi. If the Cancellation is requested after this date, the Service must be paid for the whole next calendar month. The Cancellation of the "Dedicated Server" Service in all other locations must be requested no later than the "End Date".

The cancellation of the Services Dedicated and Virtual Servers with a recalculation of funds before the End Date is not provided. Refund for the "Dedicated Server" Service is possible only before the order is sent to the activation. In other cases, a request may be considered on an individual basis.

Refund to the payment system is carried out within days except for the Test Period days.

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In case of compensation based on the SLA, the refund to the external accounts of the customer is not provided. In case of pre-term cancellation of the Service we tread each question individually depending on the situation that was paid for 3, 6 or 12 months and provided at a discount, we make refund on the basis of the monthly full rent cost excl.

The original documents are shipped via the postal service Russian Post, or you can fetch them yourself in Moscow. All Dedicated and Virtual servers their Operating System are managed by the client themselves, unless the Administration service is ordered. With the help of these instant messengers, you can only consult with us or discuss issues. In the event of receipt of abuses, the Client undertakes to take measures within a given period, to eliminate violations and notify the Provider about it.

Intentional violation criminal actions of the "Acceptable Usage Policy" entails the blocking of services and in some cases the entire account, without the possibility of creating new orders and even tickets. We do not make a refund in connection with an intentional violation of the "Acceptable Usage Policy". In some cases, we require payment to unlock the server due to a number of violations. For Virtual Servers, there is a free backup of the whole disk image once a week.

To configure the backup of specific data on Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers, the Client can contact the support service by creating a ticket.

The Client agrees to communicate with the Provider respectfully. In the case of a direct threat to the company or its reputation, we can refuse service or lock the account. If the ordered server does not correspond to the configuration specified in the Personal Area, the Client has the right within the first 14 days to contact us for resolving this issue.