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Servers in Hong Kong. Features of our dedicated servers. Dedicated server - the true power of metal! A dedicated server, one or many, is exactly what a big project needs. There are no resource or software limits - you can set it up exactly as you need, or you can order a Linux server setup and support from us. Another important moment is the location of a server. Ordering a server that is geographically close to your users will allow to reach maximum efficiency.

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Dedicated servers FAQ What is a dedicated server? What is the difference between dedicated and virtual server? Where can I rent a server? Why is connectivity important? What is IPMI? Are there discounts available? How can I order a server?

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You can run multiple copies simulaneously on the same or different computers. You can run the launcher on multiple computers, using it to download and install the current or any previous build of the game to any directories you like. The developers have also stated that when the game is no longer free, the previous full version demos will remain free.

The current server system can be run without requiring client authentication with the StarMade registry, so it will remain functional even if the demo can no longer authenticate. Открыть профиль Показать все сообщения.

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It then knows you are a paying customer. I imagine they would probably still allow downloading the game, but it would require you to have a paid registration to actually join servers. They could then also lock the servers to only allow players with stardock usernames to join any server.

This would make it so anybody can run the server, but only purchased copies could actually play. Показывать на странице: Our company offers a comprehensive service of technical support to its dedicated server clients.

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