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I would like this software to be developed for Linux. The software works on the other prototype platform and I just need some speci For some reason im not able to understand why this error is coming, i want someone experience to look into this asap. I know this is not an huge issue but experience people can help me out with this. The DNS server should be able to return the IP address to the domains mentioned in the list at server side and block them from getting resolved. I can provide droplet information for my se I need latest Vicidial installed Asterisk 13 on hosted virtual server on Digital Ocean, AWS or other hosting who can handle this real time application.

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Im looking for someone with success doing this for a production environment to handle up to 25 agents per instance. I would like to build a stratum proxy which is working well with all coins. Ubuntu Raspberry pi based smart locker project with rfid integration including database management.

Need someone who can install Vicidial on my server. I have a free script that I downloaded and Im having issues installing it.

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It is a script from Agriya and its a very similar script to a popular crowd funding site. I dont particularly want to spend a heap of money if this script will not suit my needs, however, after following the install instructions, im having an issue.

Calling the website address, I get an Error message. I have uploaded How can I solve this the best? Hello, I need a complete system that I recognize with an IP camera tplink cars to count them and I passed them to a neural network that trained the sumo simulstion of urban mibility so that it gives me a proper time to see inside an intersection that I already have it, I have basic codes that I would like to be modified and have a report uml diagrams and complete explanation of the code all thi We are helping one of the most successful and recognisable Swedish brands of all time to design and implement a master data management solution in cloud environments such as Google Cloud Platform.

This is a 4 month-contract opportunity in Malmo, Sweden - with the possibility to extend. Scope of activities: Join the new product teams that will build a platform to handle customer information mast They need to both function as a standalone script or be able to use dokuwiki as login plainauth local storage authentication.

The scripts include: The machine has been cloned from Physical to Virtual in Hyper-V. Sustainability Startup - Looking to hire someone for small discrete projects immediately, with hope for a long term relationship and larger projects down the track. We are a hosting company and offer cpanel to our customers.

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For example, banned words list in domains should not be added in cPanel. More info https: Some settings still need to be edited, but more importantly we need processes automated with the "Process Management" in OTRS. All documented in the attached file.

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We are l Her birthday is coming up in July and as a surprise would like to do this for her. I have also registered a Domain name already. I have no access to source code of third party android app.

I want to fill "contact us" form automatically with data which is dynam I am seeking some one to help me in Installation and setup open source Dialer on Cloud. Kindly share demo logins. I have an audio recognition model and it is trained by python using tensorflow.

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Whats up Guys!!! This video is a brief overview of Webmin which is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any modern web browser, This video explains you about "What is Cluster?

The Complete Linux Course: Beginner to Power User!

Why do we need Cluster? Subscribe to our channel here for notifications on new video trainings. For more videos on technology, visit our website at www. Can you explain to me how to become a Linux administrator? I might say to start by getting a computer that has Linux installed on it and learning about the Subscribe our channel Malayalam Computing Tutorials akshayamalayalam.

A day in the Life of a Linux Administrator Edureka edureka! Watch sample class recording: This class provides students with a basic understanding of technology and systems involved with maintaining a website.

Red Hat System Administration I: Contact K Alliance for more info. Linux Bangla Tutorial I choose to do it once a day, in the early morning. I give 1h 15m between each rsync pull, just to make sure one completes before the next starts not that that really matters.

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You can change the cron rules to run it whenever. We simple need to create a few crontab entries to run these commands to ensure we are pulling any new packages and updating the metadata.

Если ничего не трогать Automatically Configure Partitioningто инсталлятор самостоятельно справится с разбиением на разделы.

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На шаге Installation Destination нам предлагается выбрать диск для установки системы. Считаю, такие важные вещи нельзя пускать на самотёк, они требуют вмешательства; поэтому наш выбор — I will configure partitioning. Видим диалоговое окно, показанное ниже. Txt for editing and configure to match the system Tripwire is installed on. Jan It also provides links to tutorials that show you how to set up common web applications.

How to Setup Lighttpd Web server on Ubuntu OpenCart is a free and open source web.