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African sex stroies

Stories From The Road: An Unexpected Welcome To Africa

Ayanna went to the African base to get medicine for her sick baby. A Stroies interpreter working there told her to come back without the child.

When she returned, he called her and three other young women over to a fenced area where six soldiers were waiting. The soldiers oral throat them at gunpoint, dragged them into a bunker, beat and raped them.

One woman was badly hurt.

sex and rape

They threw the items at us and a bag to put them in. Qamar went to the Burundian base to get medicine for her sick mother. An interpreter told her to follow two soldiers who would give her the medicine. She followed them to a bunker behind a fence where one man raped her as the second walked around.

Stories of rape by peacekeepers in Somalia: "He ripped off my hijab"

I told the interpreter I was having second sex and wanted to leave. The man undressed himself and we had sex; the baby cried twice and the soldier seemed annoyed by it. He cut her vagina.