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As far as I'm concerned, my status as a photographer, whether professional or amateur, is irrelevant. A products is available for retail sale.

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If I have the money and choose to purchase it, it's nobody else's darned business. If me purchasing one means someone else has to wait an extra week to get theirs, well that's the way life works sometimes.

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We surely don't want to get into a society where only those deemed "worthy" or qualified can purchase a particular product. Again, if you have the money amateurs choose to buy it, amateurs buy it.

It's slutty nude one else's business! Find out how it performs in our in-depth review.

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The Nikon Z 35mm F1. But is it any good? The Fujifilm GFX combines the highest resolution we've ever tested with features such as image stabilization, on-sensor phase detection and 4K video capture that you don't usually find in medium format cameras. Does this make it the ultimate do-everything camera?