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Ancient sex slaves

Sexual access was a basic part of ancient slavery. The main restraints on what masters could do with their slaves were customary, rather than legal see Could Romans do whatever they want with their slaves? The large Roman prostitution industry was also ancient mainly by slaves.

Journal of Ancient History

Naked she stood on the shore, at the pleasure of the purchaser; every part of her body was examined and felt. Would you hear the result of the sale? The ancient sold; the pimp bought, that he might employ her as a prostitute. This was so common that it was a trope of comedy plots — not an aberration, just the ordinary sex working of sex slave economy.

Prostitution was a basic social institution — even the staunchest conservatives regarded it as a safe alternative to adultery, which would have split the social fabric with vendettas and illegitimate children.

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And this huge business well known from Pompeii and other sites, as well as from literature was fueled primarily by slavery. Sexual slavery was equal opportunity up to a point:. The only serious limitation was a strong taboo on free women having intercourse with male slaves.

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Tales of high-born women consorting with slaves were a staple of Roman gossip; how much of that was true is unclear. Many households slaves eunuchs as domestic slaves for this reason it goes without saying that the eunuchs were, for sexteenagergirl most part, castrated slaves.

For free males, however, pretty much anything was allowable. Generally sex-slavery was an slaves aspect of slavery in general, which saw very little criticism in the ancient world.