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Brokencide fakes

Say whatever you'd like about crunkcorists Brokencyde.

Skeet Skeet

If you hate their music, preview sexclips. Villify them on a message board or boycott their shows. Or better yet, start your own awesome metal band that will make people burst into flames, go deaf and copulate with strangers on one listen, leaving Brokencyde without fans. That said, there is fakes a thing as going too far when it comes to hatin' on a band, and it's gone too far with Brokencyde.

Yesterday, various websites and blogs posted news that the fakes was arrested on drug, rape and child pornography charges.

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Pretty serious stuff, right? The source of the news was a fabricated, TMZ-style site, www. Even though a Canadian student started the media melee, it was reported as fact.

Brokencyde Speak Out About Rape and Child Pornography Hoax

So much for fact checking in an age when bloggers and web editors want to be the first with the scoop and brokencide ensuing traffic. This is the second time in a month that Brokencyde were the victims of a brokencide hoax.

Last month, news spread like an STD that the band had died in a Colorado bus accident.