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Cholera oral rehydration


Richard L. Cholera drove the sanitary revolution in the industrialized world in the 19th century and now is driving the development of oral rehydration therapy ORT in the developing world.

WHO position paper on Oral Rehydration Salts to reduce mortality from cholera

Despite the long history of cholera, only in cholera s and s was ORT fully developed. Scientists described this treatment after the discovery of the intact sodium-glucose intestinal cotransport in patients with cholera.

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This new understanding sparked clinical studies that revealed the ability of ORT to reduce the mortality associated with acute diarrheal disease.

Despite oral steady reductions in mortality due to acute dehydrating diarrheal diseases achieved by ORT, the costly morbidity due to these diseases remains, the result of a failure to globalize sanitation and to control the developmental girl grabbed cock of diarrheal diseases and their associated malnutrition.

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New advances in oral rehydration and nutrition therapy and new methods to recognize its costs are discussed oral this review. The ability to use oral rehydration therapy Rehydration to control mortality associated with cholera and diarrheal diseases counts among the great triumphs of 20th century medicine.

The intertwined stories of the fight against cholera and the development of ORT illustrate the critical cycle of clinical observations, physiologic research, and improved clinical outcomes. However, although cholera in the 20th century catalyzed the creation of ORT, the developing world still awaits the sanitary revolution that, along with the fear of cholera, swept across the developed world in the 19th century.

Cholera outbreaks: role of oral rehydration therapy.

Like immunization, pasteurization, and cholera, ORT has dramatically reduced childhood mortality worldwide. ORT has primarily reduced mortality associated with diarrheal diseases in the first year of life [ 3 ].

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However, there has rehydration little if any reduction in the rates of morbidity or illness due teen sleepover lesbians diarrheal diseases [ 3 ].