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Fine naked body

The Naked Body, The Great Unifier

I aspire to achieve these concerns in my work. I paint the sitter straight on and objectively, stripped of narrative content. I light from above to capture and record the specific qualities of the skin, hair, and vascular posture.

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I want the viewer to have the sensation of encountering a living, breathing human being with unique spiritual dimensions. Fine naked bodies are our most fundamental physical possession.

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We navigate the world through our bodies, and we experience and understand that world through our physical naked. The naked body is what we all have in common; it is the great unifier.

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While clothes speak of rank, profession, privilege, or poverty, latinonakedwoman all have our naked bodies in common. Clothes come and go; fashions and styles come and go; but the body remains.

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It is less subject to the vicissitudes of time and fashion than anything else. But if looking at representations of our bodies gives us pleasure, it is not body easy pleasure. Its obvious sensual beauties are admixed with the guilt associated with sex, as well as the fear of our mortality.