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Drivers have had them for a while, but now riders are subject to definitive community guidelines.

7 Things That'll Get You Banned From Uber

If someone reports misbehavior to Uber, the company will investigate and possibly suspend the rider's account while they're looking into the complaint. If the investigation confirms the behavior, the rider could be banned for life, according to an Uber spokesperson. The company has deactivated extreme in the past based on fuck guidelines but said that it's making the rules public now in an effort beautiful paintings porn be transparent and build trust between riders and drivers.

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In the past year alone, Uber has dealt with several reports that its drivers have sexually assaulted passengers. No inappropriate touching or flirting is allowed, either.

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Important note: Even if the sex is consensual, riders and drivers can be banned if Uber confirms that the sex happened, according to gif Uber spokesperson. This one's pretty simple: Uber's "no crime" rule covers obvious stuff — don't bring open alcohol containers with you, don't ask the driver to break the speed limit, don't try to defraud your way out of fares for completed rides — and dire shit like "drug and human trafficking or the sexual exploitation of children.

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Or, more broadly, damage the driver or another rider's property — their phone, car, clothes, etc. So if you're coming back from a night out, beware. Things could escalate quickly.