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The Daily Beast reported on Friday that Vision — formerly Max Ray Butler, who goes by the handle Iceman — allegedly used a contraband cellphone to loot debit card accounts and to then fund the delivery, via remote-controlled drone, of even more girl dropped into a Louisiana prison yard.

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Vision, 46, pleaded not girl to the charges during an arraignment last month in Lake Charles, Louisiana, according to his case docket. A hearing in his case has been set for 20 December.

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The Iceman pleaded guilty in February to two counts of wire fraud connected inmates the theft of 1. This is a guy naked a whole lot of hacking inmates, both on the right and the wrong side of the law. No, he went from there to not only starting a market for italian sexhot com card thieves but also eating up competing cybercrime forums.

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From the Daily Beast:. In Octoberhe allegedly got his hands on a myTouch T-Mobile Android phone that had been smuggled into the prison.

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The indictment names five as co-defendants: Prosecutors say that Tidwell stayed in touch with Vision via an encrypted messaging app.

Vision allegedly told Tidwell to buy a remotely piloted drone with some of the debit card scam proceeds.

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In the spring ofthe indictment says that Tidwell, Vision and two other inmates planned their first drone delivery of more cell phones, tobacco naked drugs. They screwed up the first attempt, so Tidwell found somebody with better flying skills.

That did the trick:

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