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Girls in skirts

I met a nine-year-old girl the other day who has just been voted on to her student council.

Girls' Skirts

With indignant eyes, she explained how all the girls in her school are forced to wear pinafores. The boys can go upside down whenever they like and sit normally in assembly. Now Gloria wants to have a go at repealing the pinafores. And the skirts.

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And the outdated idea that girls must skirts skirts and dresses at school. I mean when you think about it, who really wears the trousers in our primary schools?

Should girls in Irish schools be forced to wear skirts?

And at second level? All over girls country, as we head into winter, girls are being sent out to school in skirts and dresses and bare legs and tights.

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Many of them have no choice in this. Meanwhile every single boy in the sex pics party gets to wear trousers and hang upside down after school should they feel like it.

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