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Arum maculatum is a common woodland plant species of the family Araceae. It is widespread across girlsnakedboys of Europe, as well as Turkey and the Caucasus. The name "lords-and-ladies" and other gender-related names refer to the plant's likeness to male and female genitalia symbolising copulation.

The purple-spotted leaves of A.

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The flowers are hidden from sight, clustered at the base of the spadix with a ring of female flowers at the bottom and a ring of male flowers above them.

Above the male flowers is a ring of hairs forming an insect trap. The spadix may also be yellow, but purple is the more common. In autumn, the lower ring of female flowers forms a cluster of bright red berries which young deidre holland after the spathe and girlsnakedboys leaves have withered away.

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These attractive red to orange berries are extremely poisonous. The berries contain oxalates of saponins which have needle-shaped crystals which irritate the skin, mouth, tongue, and throat, and result in swelling girlsnakedboys throat, difficulty breathing, burning pain, and upset stomach. However, their acrid taste, coupled with the almost immediate tingling sensation in the mouth when consumed, means that large amounts are rarely taken and serious harm is unusual.