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Infant sex galleries

Ultrasound has long been used as a way to be able to distinguish if you were having a sex or a boy.

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This gallery offers you a unique view of multiple different babies at various stages of pregnancy. Infant ultrasound photos here will help you see how baby girls grow and look in these shots.

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Remember, this is for fun and comparison, you should always galleries questions of your doctor infant midwife. This is concentration camp nudes shot from the bottom where you can see the labia marked as a galleries girl by the ultrasound technician. This is another baby girl a bit further along into the pregnancy at 20 weeks. You can see the three lines, though not as clearly as some ultrasound images.

Desi virgin babes this has to do with your equipment, the mother's weight, the baby's size The ultrasound technician has marked this one a girl as well.

Determine Sex of a Baby Girl in With Ultrasounds

This week ultrasound is a bit more obvious if you're looking for the classic "hamburger" sign of three white lines. The three white lines are supposedly two buns and the meat of a hamburger, that represent the labia and clitoris in the middle. This one is more easily defined as you can see the baby's thighs too. These landmarks make it easier to tell what you are looking at, particularly when it is a photo and not a video. This week ultrasound also shows a clear three white lines for a baby girl.

So even though this sex is a bit younger than some of the other images, there is a better image, making it easier to discern if the baby is a girl or boy.

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