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Its head, torso, and tail are normal. It just lacks limbs.

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ZRS is not a gene itself. These sequences have long been thought to drive the wide variety of body shapes found in hard animals.

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By influencing when and where genes are activated, they can produce astonishing variety from the same basic legless, changing everything from the length of limbs to the number of toes. Enhancers are hard to identify.

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Even if you identify one, working out what it does is tricky. HACNS1 seems to be active in the limbs of embryos, in sex that eventually give rise to the shoulder, wrist, and—most excitingly—the thumb. This suggests that the amaricanporn may have influenced the evolution of our uniquely dextrous hands.

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But even so, the team only had circumstantial evidence for this. Delete it from the genome of a mouseand you get a legless rodent.

Mutate it in humans, and you can get deformed limbs, including extra thumbs or fingers. What then, Visel wondered, does it do in snakes?