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Literoica skinyy dipping

Skinny Dipping with the Newnans - Incest/Taboo -

My girlfriend Annie and I hadn't been camping for years, but finally had skinyy opportunity to go over a few days off from work during the middle of the week. Our best friends, Greg and Carly, agreed to join us for one day and night. So off we all went toward our favorite park, a quiet place with lots of trees, water, and bluffs overlooking the campground.

The drive was long and teen ania nude, and we could both feel the tension from work melting away as we got deeper into the hills and trees of the park we had chosen.

Since it was the middle of the week, we were not at all surprised to find there were hardly any other campers, so dipping had no trouble finding some campsites that were pretty far from any others.

Skinny Dipping with Our Friends - Exhibitionist & Voyeur -

Our spots were close enough to the river to allow an easy walk down to the water, and the shoreline was very clean and winding, so no matter where we went, it was pretty easy to find some seclusion and privacy. The tents went up in no time, literoica we unloaded out supplies, sleeping bags, mats, etc. Soon, it looked like a very cozy little literoica. Taking a break, Greg and I started a fire in the fire pit, and then we all gathered around to have a drink and relax. The guys had a couple beers, while the gals opted for wine coolers and hard lemonades.

Skinny Dipping with the Newnans

Carly announced that while we were setting up the tents, she and Annie had decided that they wanted to have a secret little party after skinyy, and that the guys should go find a very secluded spot along the river for later on. If you choose wisely, we promise sexyfemalebossporn will be worth your effort," Annie laughed. Smiles all around showed our approval, and almost immediately Greg and I headed off dipping the riverbank.