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The book features adult content including softcore pornography and simulations of sexual acts including sadomasochism. She wrote it as a character named "Mistress Dita", inspired by s film actress Dita Parlo.

25 Years Later, Madonna's 'Sex' Book Is Still Pop's Most Radical Moment

The photos were shot in early in New York City and Miami, in locations including hotels, burlesque theaters, and city streets. The cover is made of aluminiumspiral bound and wrapped in a Mylar sheet.


Sex attracted extensive media attention and controversy. Madonna's publishers were apprehensive about the release and the book's commercial potential.

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Released on October 21,the day after Madonna's fifth studio album Eroticait photo overcopies on its first day, and topped the New Sex Times Best Seller list. It remains the uae woman picturexxx coffee table book. Erotica was also packaged with the book.

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Though it initially received negative reviews from fans and critics, who felt Madonna had "gone too far", later reviews have been more positive, with academics deeming it a defining phase in Madonna's career. Sex is noted for its impact on Madonna's career and is considered a bold post-feminist work.