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Nudity in workplace

Nudity in the workplace

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Accidental nudity in the workplace. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Next Last Jump to page: So I've been working out of my bosses house since I started here, on account of the lack of office space nudity the chch CBD. Every morning I'll turn up, go to into the office which is attached to the garage, start up my laptop and then go inside the house to make a coffee. This is often accompanied by greeting the boss, and have a quick conversation with him, his wife and kids.

This morning I turned up and went through my usual routine, was walking around the kitchen bench at this point facing the hallway door.

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The wife was walking out, having just had a shower, and looked to be turning into the lounge where my boss and I were. We exchanged a brief glance whilst her roja nudefuck of undress sunk in, at which point she bolted out workplace view, and I turned away in order avoid causing her further embarrassment. I workplace made my coffee and went out to the office, wondering if anyone would say anything. Potential awkward moments averted.

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