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May 21, 10, comments.

Money is funnymy father would say when discussion the issue of tithing. People will talk about sin and lust before they will talk about their money, he said laughing. But as Christians, we need to understand fully the tithing requirement in the Old Testament and the ratification in the New Testament 1 Corinthians When we fail to honor God with grace giving we rob pornadultpicture God Malachi 3 and we forfeit the blessing promised in Malachi 3: Pornadultpicture addition to this, when we tithe our faith is tested and our motives are weighed in the light of our finances.

To claim to have experience thte grace of God in forgiveness and yet to be ungracious is a contradiction of the New Testament truth: Freely you have received, freely give Matthew Grace giving or tithing is not a formula to gain material goods or wealth.

[vlog] grace giving…

We should not be manipulated or coerced by emotional appeals, customs, or rituals. If you have a pastor who is begging for money, his god is not GOD. Where God guides, He provides. If you have any pornadultpicture or concerns or comments, feel free to join the dialogue and add your two cents.

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