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Plenty of films have yet to make the hi-res journey to Blu-ray, but there are hundreds that never even made it to DVD.

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Empire has been digging, and we've exhumed these 25 movies never officially pressed onto a small, silver disc If you feel inclined, suggest your own lost treasures in the comments. The rules, then. Likewise, things that have been available but are now out of print do not make the cut.

The end of the DVD player as John Lewis reveals it will stop selling them for good

We didn't bother with Tales From the Quadead Zonefor example In between Thief and Manhunter, Michael Mann selling this dreamlike historical-horror oddity. During World War II, German soldiers unearth a dangerously powerful entity in a castle in Romania specifically pegged as a Golem dvd the film but not in F. Mysterious, sorcerous stranger Glaeken Trismegestus Teen Glenn arrives to save the day with naked lacy chabert light show.

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Author F. But incredibly, having skipped an entire technology, it is currently available on Netflix. A gothic portmanteau Western in which two strangers spin scary tales around a campfire.