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Sex compatability

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Some signs are just meant to have sex with each other. Alloy Entertainment.

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Sexual chemistry is pure, unscientific fun — kind of like astrology. You can't pick who you're attracted to, just like you can't really explain why you keep reading your horoscope even when it consistently has nothing to do with your life. These two metaphysical phenomena sex sexual chemistry and astrology — go together like Leos and the spotlight. Just keep in mind that even astrologically speaking, a lot more goes into sexual chemistry than your sun signs.

Mars is said to be the planet whose placement at your birth most affects your sexuality and physical energywhile Venus governs love and intimacy, according to Sexual Astrology.

Sexual Compatibility of the Zodiac Signs

You can figure out someone's moon, Mars, and Venus signs by entering their birth date, place, and time into any free calculator found online. But back to good, old-fashioned sex sign compatibility — a few pairings are pretty much guaranteed to hit it out of the park sexually.

Using guidance from our own compatability, online astrology expert Susan Millerand SexualAstrology. It's no secret nude nba women Leos can be selfish. And while ignoring the needs of their partner, they'll also pat themselves on the back for being sex gods — and we all know that anyone who proclaims they're good in bed is rarely compatability. Lucky for Leo, though, adventurous Sagittarians love to collect new and exciting notches on their bedposts.