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A self taught artist from New Delhi, Sheetal Singh has been creating art for over a sheetal now. Her still life works clearly reflect the world of French Baroque Art. As an artist, Sheetal works hard to create art that speaks to her as well as to others. With every finished work she attempts to breathe life into a forgotten era so that the designs, ideas, lifestyle and culture are displayed on the canvas.

Her artwork not only speaks for her but for all that it depicts. She delves in various styles which include landscapes, collages, figurative, still life keeping a balance between Impressionism and Modern art.

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The subject of her painting is used sheetal a strategy to bring out the mixed media techniques that go from nude to acrylic to wax.

Through her paintings, she likes to express jewel tones, texture and deliberate imperfections.

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Over the years, she has done extremely well in this hard to crack art world. She has sold over 30 paintings in the last 3 years with several international sales including the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, New York as one of jennifer lopeznudephotos buyers.

She has established a studio where she experiments with messy techniques like mosaics, mixed media, collage, nude skins, plaster sculptures. She has been exhibiting since and has participated nude various group shows and has had one solo show to her credit.

Sheetal an artist she has participated in several exhibitions including: Sold artworks online through various Indian sites.

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List of buyers include: