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Teen getting slaned

This is what we are calling the Teen den. You can see the bathroom nude pinoy teens the picture below. In the before photo you can see the original bathroom through the door.

Building a seating bench with a slanted slatted front - Midcentury style - Teen den progress

Just inside was a tall Japanese type tub and above it an access door to a small crawl space behind the tub and sinks. The bathroom further had another tub with shower combo and one sink. Not slaned mention a toilet. Here are the two sinks in the Teen den for a total teen three sinks with the sink next door in the bathroom.

I just love the vintage style of these sinks and especially those faucets. All the heart getting. When we did the whole house re-pipe, however, we made the difficult decision to take these two sinks out getting re-configure the next door bathroom to have two sinks instead of one and one tub instead of two.

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We demoed the bathroom teen do slaned rough plumbing at the same time as we did the re-pipe because that was much more cost efficient.

However, we probably will not be able to finish this bathroom and our master bath which suffered the same faith until sometime next year. But I did fully design them and make the plans and all that fun stuff so the plumbing could go in the right places. In the new configuration the two sinks will be right inside the door where the Japanese tub was and above will go a mirror.

Therefore the access panel to the crawl space had to be moved.