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Tennis sabatini playboy

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Pick up any one of the more half-dozen London tabloids during the tournament, and be treated to the lives, loves and other scandals surrounding the most famous players in tennis. Bored as Steffi Graf pounds away another opponent in less than an hour?

Game, sex and match

Use the time porn green the changeovers to learn the latest on her father's reported affair with a West German model. Need some juicy tidbits to go with your strawberries and cream? Read the lowdown from Gabriela Sabatini's former boyfriend on their 'torrid' romance. Stuck with an uninteresting match on Court 17 in the nether reaches of the All England Club?

Get caught up in the debate over grunting players, overweight women or the color of Tennis Seles' panties.

Tennis hotties

In the highly competitive world sabatini Fleet Street, anything with the slightest hint of controversy is played in headlines at least an inch high, such as:. By far, most of the attention has focused on the reported affair between Peter Graf and year-old Nicole Meissner, whose portfolio includes a recent pictorial in the West German edition of Playboy. Meissner claims her newborn daughter is the love child of a two-year affair with the year-old father playboy the world's top-ranked player.