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Now, we are blessed: Seinfeld, the mostly male-centric show about the life of a fictional version of Jerry Seinfeld and his friends, turns 30 this week. We have it to thank for many of the tropes, namitha porn potho, and storylines that make up standard sitcom storytelling today, but we may wanking have it to thank for the recent deluge of women wanking.

Louis-Dreyfus set new goalposts for writers of female men. She was multifaceted, she had as woman storylines as the men, but most importantly of all, she was horny.

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Unlike her predecessors, her romantic pursuits were not in the hunt for a husband to have babies with, but just because she had a healthy sex drive. Elaine fucked. She fucked men — a lot of men — but she also fucked herself. We know this because of one groundbreaking episode: When the male characters are planning the contest, Elaine says she wants in: Kennedy Jr. That a woman could get horny of her own account and take it into her own hands, even struggle not to, was brand new on-screen.